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Spokes Model Team Application

2020 Application is here! Do you think you have what it takes to represent Kathryn Lily? Are you a leader that demonstrates excellent horsemanship and sportsmanship? Then we want you!  Please find application below:

                       Kathryn Lily 2020 Spokes Model Application





Mailing Address _____________________________________________________________                                             

Phone Number_______________ Parent’s name/ number if under 18____________________                               


Email Address_____________________________________________________________                                                 


Parent’s Email Address if under 18 _________________________________________________                                


Are you currently sponsored or are you an ambassador for a company?______________                                    


If yes, which ones? ___________________________________________________________                                             


Where do you ride (name of barn)?________________________________________________                                   


What is your trainer’s name? ____________________________________________________                       


How long have you been riding?___________________How often do you ride?_____________                          


Do you show?__________________________________             if yes, local or rated or both? ______                       


Do you own/lease a horse/pony?_________ If so, What is it’s show name(s)




What division(s) are you showing in 2019?



What division(s) will you show in 2020?



Which shows did you attend last year?




Which shows do you plan on attending this year?




In your own words, what is horsemanship and how have you demonstrated it lately?





In your own words, what is leadership? Are you a leader? Why?



Pretend you are in a schooling ring and a fellow barn mate who is usually not very nice to you falls off just before her class. Her outfit is all muddy. Do you say or do anything? What if so?




Why do you love riding?



Who do you look up to and why?



In your own words, what is success?


Please tell us a short term goal and a long term goal that you have:





Product Questionnaire: There are NO right or wrong answers


What brand of show shirt do you currently wear? _                                                                                                       


Why do you wear this brand over others?                                                                                                                              


What brand of breeches do you wear?                                                                                                                                      


Why do you prefer them?                                                                                                                                                                   


What brand of show jacket do you wear? _                                                                                                                           


What color is your jacket?                                                                                                                                                                  


What is your favorite top to ride in (example: long sleeve, t-shirt, show shirt, tank top)                               


Do you wear show bows?                                        Do you wear tall boots?                                                                           


What is your favorite color?                                                               circle your favorite: plaid, polka dots or print.

What is the name of the tack store you shop at most?                                                                                                            

Do you shop for riding clothes at horse shows?                                                                                                                           


What is your favorite horse show venue to visit?                                                                                                                       


Social Media

Do you have a Facebook account?______What is your Facebook name?_________________                             


Do you have an Instagram account? _____What is your Instagram name? _______________                           



IG users, please tag us (@kathrynlilyeq) in a photo with hashtag #KathrynLilySearch2019




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